I’m Tammy, a single mom to two beautiful and fascinating kids both under the age of 13 who have become my teachers in life.  I learn innocence, compassion, empathy powerlessness, and true love from them every day. 

I’m a semi-typical type A personality, I am a marketing go-getter, entrepreneur,  and owner of a fitness franchise. I can use a little help in the organization department, love to make people laugh and don’t like D-R-A-M-A.

I’m also in recovery. 

When I entered the rooms in 2011, I went because of an alcoholic boyfriend.  I wanted to fix him so we could live happily ever after. I had no idea what I was getting into,  but soon learned I wasn’t in charge and I had to let go of my fantasy thinking and plan.
I didn’t get the list of how to fix my alcoholic / addict boyfriend nor did I get any advice on how to make our relationship better.  All they said to me was “keep coming back.”.
And so I did.
And I began to change.
My life became more manageable.
I became a better mom, daughter, sister, business owner and friend.
I didn’t react as much and I seemed to worry a lot less.
I began to realize that I wasn’t alone.
But the most amazing gift I found was a power that was greater than myself.   

I’m still in the rooms –  still with the boyfriend. But I say because of me.

Life happens on life’s terms. My job is to put one foot in front of the other, continue with my recovery and balance everything in between.