Red On Stage Theater Drapes

Picture the scene:
A full house watching one of the biggest dramatic plays ever performed.
The lighting and scenic directors have set the stage beautifully.
The cast has been working together in preparation for opening night and everything looks as though it’s going to be a great show.
The lead actor knows the importance of what he has to do to pull his weight. He’s diligently been studying and memorizing his lines and he had his stage directions down pact.
Opening night.
10 minutes until curtain call.
As the cast gathers for a group prayer, the stage manager notices the lead actor is not present.
She breaks into a cold sweat and frantically sprints backstage. Searching dressing rooms, rehearsal halls and break areas she comes to the realization her lead actor is nowhere to be found.
She starts having anxiety that her career is over, believing she will never work in theater or this town again and convinces herself it’s her fault and perhaps she is going crazy.
She begins to worry that something horrible has happened to the actor.
She screams backstage looking up to the catwalk as if the director is watching from above:  “HE’S NOT HERE! HE’S NOT HERE AND I’M SCARED!”
The director simply and calmly signals:
“We can’t let one actor ruin the work we all have done.  The show must go on.
Take a breath and pause.
We have an understudy”